MOB 7: Very well done!

“Well then, your highness! Let the learning begin!”

It’s ten o’clock the following morning. In the world of “Exciting! School of Love” printing technology has not been developed, so books are expensive, but clocks are common. And, just like in modern Japan, a day is 24 hours long.

“…Yes, please.”

I expected His Highness to have a dissatisfied and unmotivated attitude, but he nodded his head obediently at my words and sat down in his chair. Huh?

“…You’re so obedient, Your Highness.”

“…I mean… You have a lot of things in mind for me to work on, don’t you? Then… I just thought I’d listen and see what you had to say, too.”


“…What is it?”


“Tsundere! What’s that?!”

“It’s a person who acts cold or pompous at first but gradually becomes sweet and kind.”

“I’m not listening to your words! I’m not such a sensitive person.”

His Highness’s face turns bright red as he says that.

“Yes, yes. Well then, let’s start studying.”

I pouted at His Highness and opened the book I brought with me. His Highness glanced at the book, which would be difficult for a child to read, and turned away, seemingly bored as he glanced at it.

” … A book on history, huh?”

“Don’t you like history?”

“I don’t hate it. The history of this country is that, namely, the history of the royal family. How could anyone not be interested in their ancestors?”

“Well, if you put it that way, yes. Then why do you seem so bored?”

“I read this book already and even memorized it. I’m sure I’ll be bored reading it again.”

Uh, well, sure. Even if it’s a novel I enjoyed, it’s not as exciting on a second read–

“…Please wait.”

“What’s going on?”

“This book… you read it?”

“Yes … It’s a famous book, right? There’s one in the Royal Library.”

“… you memorized it?”

“…yes. It’s a subject I’m interested in.”

” …A seven-year-old?”

“I was five years old when I read it.”

” …”

” …”

” …Ha.”



“Whoa! What’s with you all of a sudden? You can’t scream like for no reason!”

Yes, I can! This is a book that’s supposed to be hard to read, even for adults! And then a five-year-old reads it, and memorizes the content?

“… Does it surprise you that much? When I told the Queen, she said, ‘It’s only natural for the man who would be king.’”


Assuming the Queen isn’t a supreme piece of crap, ‘It’s only natural’ is not a compliment to give to a child who reads this book… Yes, this is neglect.

“No, Your Highness! That’s awesome! It’s a great thing! This book is so hard to read, even for an adult! You reading it at five years old, and memorizing it! It’s that great, Your Highness!”

I offer His Highness unrestrained praise. No, seriously, this is great. I mean, ‘Exciting! School of Love’, this is the world we’re talking about, right? Why would His Highness, who has such high basic specs, be such a pompous prince? At least give players some more context! His Highness in the game, seriously, he was just a weak character! It’s a school story, but it doesn’t describe his grades or anything! Heck, do these developers have no idea what an otome game is!

” …That’s too a big compliment… It’s not that big of a deal. It’s the least I could do when I’m going to be king.”


“–I could…What is it?”

“Your Highness, what you have done is an extraordinary thing.”

“That’s not true…”

“Yes, it is! It’s not like you’re boasting, ‘I’m great at this!’  I am not asking you to be boastful. I don’t want that, but you can be a little more proud, Your Highness.”

Then I said, with a big smile on my face, “–If the queen doesn’t praise you, I’ll praise you. Your Highness, you are amazing!”


His Highness’s eyes widened. It’s as if he sees something incredible, and I speak softly to him.

“It’s amazing that you can read this book at the age of five. It’s also amazing that you can memorize the contents. Your Highness should be proud. You deserve more praise.”

” … Great…Is that right? It’s something anyone could do… Isn’t it?”

“If every five-year-old in the country could do this, this country would be the greatest country in the world.”

” … But…I’m a prince.”

“You’re five years old before the prince, right?”

” … “

” … I’m sure there are many things we have to sacrifice for the sake of our nation. It’s the same for me. In return, we get to live a life of freedom.”

” … Yeah, I guess.”

“But …  Everyone has a right to be praised. Whether you’re a prince or a duchess.”

So, I’ll give him these words.

 “–very, very well done. It’s great, Your Highness.”

” …Huh.”

And then he turns away. That attitude is not very charming… Well, I’ll forgive you.

” …I’m not going to take that as a compliment…It gives me no pleasure. What’s that? Are you my mother or something?”

You can blush your ears off, Golden Boy.

“Huh? Your Highness, are you getting a little teary-eyed? Huh? Huh?”

“Hey, I’m not crying! I mean? You, that’s what I’m talking about! Normally, people would pretend not to notice!”

“And that means … You were crying, after all? Did the compliment make you happy? No! Your Highness, by the way, that’s adorable.”

“You are not a very cute person, you know that?!”

I continued to tease His Highness happily until His Highness completely lost his temper.

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