MOB 8: The name of this new emotion is…

My teasing continued until Prince Zeke completely lost his temper, but I stopped because I knew he’d sulk if I kept going.

A bit of a letdown, but teasing him too much would make the situation worse.

“…But… now we have a problem, don’t we?”


“Well, today… I mean, I thought we’d study history with this book for a while.”

History is a very beneficial area of study. Of course, learning from historical events is one aspect. But above all, a representative of the royal family should know the history of their own and other countries to be in a good position to negotiate on behalf of the nation. Otherwise, you won’t know where the landmines are.

 “… It’s fine. We can study history.”

“What? But you’ve read the whole thing. If you’ve even memorized it…”

“Sure, I remember it, but… What line on what page says what? It’s hard to answer the question. Well, I think I could, to some extent.”

“… No, I don’t really expect that much detail.”

That would be the domain of hobbies now. At least, that isn’t the point of academia. But I mean, for His Highness to accomplish that at any level. That’s amazing.

“…Okay… Now what? It’s going to take a while to find a new subject, right?”

“Well … I think it would take the rest of the day.”

“That would be a waste of time and… Most of all, if you’re going to study with me, you’re welcome to study history. And I’m sure you’ll make some new discoveries.”

“No, I don’t think so. I don’t think so, but…”

I haven’t even read this book. I just brought it to see if you wanted to study with me.

“Why don’t I teach you instead?”

“That is not the point, though?”

“Really? People say that knowledge is acquired by teaching others. Particularly with history, which is a list of ‘facts.’ Different people may think differently as to what the process was to build up to an event.”

“… Well… yes.”.

There is always only one fact, but what is “true” is as varied as there are people’s thoughts and wishes. That’s why war has never been eliminated. War is always only the fact, and there are as many justifications for war as there are people.

“Isn’t that a good lesson to learn? Isn’t that what you wanted me to know in the first place? I’m supposed to learn about different people’s ideas… Isn’t that what all this is about?”

“… What makes you think that?”

I certainly thought so, but… I’m sure I never told Prince Zeke about it.  At my quizzical expression, he lets out a dumbfounded sigh.

“Idiot. You said it yourself, didn’t you? ‘No one will follow a king who does not understand the feelings of people’ …’ The people are a treasure’. So it would be good to learn about people from a different perspective, such as history? It may not be the correct way to learn history, but it’s a top-notch way to learn as a king, don’t you think?”


It’s just…

Really, this prince, the more he talks, the more I think he’s ‘actually clever, isn’t he?’ The theory grows in my mind. At the same time, I also have a theory that “Exciting! School of Love” is a shitty game, which is rare in recent years. If the prince’s story had been brought to the fore, the game would have had a little more depth… It’s a shame.

“… Besides.” Prince Zeke turned away, looking a little embarrassed. “… I never said I needed to study with anyone. I just kind of, well, admired it a little bit.  So…I mean, if you’d be willing to study with me… I’d… I’d be flattered.”

His Highness declares such a thing without looking at me. And yet, he still steals glances at me, and the sight of him glancing at me.


… I don’t really understand. For some reason, my heart flutters in my chest.

“… Yeah.”

Oh, I see. Yes, I finally understand. From the beginning, I’ve felt this indescribable feeling for Prince Zeke. Now, I know what those feelings are.

“… Your Highness.”

–motherly love, that is.

“… Uh, well, if you don’t want to, that’s fine. It’s okay if you don’t want to!”

As he said this, I smiled gently at His Highness, who turned his eyes full of anticipation and fear.

“… It would be my pleasure, Your Highness. Let’s study together, shall we?”

… Well, come to think of it, I was also a woman about to turn 30 next year. If I got married right after graduating from college, it wouldn’t be surprising if I had a child the same age as Prince Zeke. I see. That’s why I was irritated with him. Is it the same as the feeling of being annoyed that your child doesn’t listen to you?

“…. Somehow, that look in your eyes makes me feel like I’m being ridiculed here?”

“That’s not true.’ I’m just looking at you, thinking, `I’m smiling.’”

“Doesn’t that make you sound like a fool!”

Ah… The more I think about it, the cuter Prince Zeke becomes. Leave it to me, Your Highness! I’ll make you a damn fine prince. I’m going to be a great mom!

“… Excuse me.”

As I clenched my fists and swore this in my heart, there came a knock on the door. I called out, ” Come in,” and the door slowly opened, and Mary, my maid, peeked in.

“What’s the matter, Mary?”

“You have a visitor, Miss.”

” A visitor?”

Huh? What did I have on my schedule today? I tilt my head in thought, and Mary says nonchalantly.

“More accurately, it is a guest for His Highness.”


“Queen Ekaterina is here to see you.”

“Queen Ekaterina ? Where?”

At my words, Mary was nonchalant.

“–This is Queen Ekaterina. May I be allowed to enter?”

… Huh?

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