Unnoticeable Me 1: The school’s party is a place of condemnation

Translator Note: I’m picking up this series as the previous translator hasn’t updated in several months, and I like the story and want to see where it goes. My goal is to transcribe a chapter a week. That said, I’m working solo. The text of this story is pretty dense and takes me longer to translate and localize. I do my best to copyedit but errors still slip through (feel free to call them out for me to fix.) Thanks for your support and patience!

Author Note: I’ve left the serialized version here as it was at the time of posting. I’m improving the books for the few line breaks and conversational sentences that are too long. Please understand that I don’t have time to fix everything.

Elaine Lana Norris! I’m breaking off our engagement! I’ve heard all of your outrageous deeds against my precious Sandra! To harass the beautiful Sandra behind her back just because you’re plain and unnoticeable, you’re not only ugly on the outside; you’re ugly on the inside! I’ve put up with it all this time because Sandra, who is kind-hearted, told me not to blame you, but that’s no longer the case!”

Nestled next to my fiancé, His Highness Prince Frederick, is the girl who was prophesied to be a saint and was specially allowed to be transferred to this school last year. But as far as I’m concerned, she’s probably not a saint or anything.

Sixteen years ago, on a night when the stars were flowing in large numbers, something unbelievable was prophesied by the High Priestess serving in the High Temple.

“Soon, a saint will be born in this country! Her power will awaken when she reaches her fifteenth or sixteenth birthday. She will save the people of this land with her holy power.”

There’s an old book in the Great Temple about the saint who appeared long ago and their miracles. Whether the stories are true or not, the people in power, led by the king, believed in this prophecy and waited for the new saint to appear.

Then one day, fifteen years later, at the gates of the palace, the current prophet said, “She is the reincarnation of a saint!” A girl who happened to be walking nearby, who was merely beautiful, was immediately enshrined as a saint at the prophet’s words. The girl’s name was Sandra. She was a poor commoner girl who couldn’t even afford to go to school.

But no matter how much time passed, the saint’s power did not awaken within Sandra, and she is about to celebrate her sixteenth birthday. The adults around her long suspected a mistake in naming her the saint. However, the Prince and others have been covering for her, insisting that she is definitely a saint who just hasn’t woken up yet.

People don’t realize it, but the prophet did not say “she is a saint”. What he said was “a reincarnation of a saint”, and in short, I think he meant that she is just an ordinary girl now that she has been reborn.Moreover, no one knows if it’s a lie or not, and it’s hard to blame the prophet. There is no way to prove whether she is someone’s reincarnation or not.

The prophet asked for twenty gold coins from the country as a reward for finding the saint, and promptly disappeared.

According to the books, a real saint is a maiden who has powerful healing powers to exorcise demons, but I don’t think there was ever a saint in the beginning.

Sandra has been criticized by the noble ladies for being a commoner, but no one has ever done anything vulgar like harassing her. Even though I’m shadowy, as the leader of the school’s ladies, I’ve chided and discouraged the ladies from doing anything to Sandra. And yet, somehow, in their minds, I have done a heinous act.

In the hall, the ladies who are trying to defend me are lined up behind me, glaring at Prince Frederick and Sandra. I’ m not popular with the men, but it helps that I have the support of the women.

“Please calm down, everyone. I’ll be fine. We can’t let this kind of thing ruin our precious school’s anniversary party. Your Highness Fredrick, let’s change the location. As for breaking off the engagement, doing this in front of everyone is not the time, either.”

I suggested with good intentions that we should discuss this in another room. However, as if to protect His Highness, a teary-eyed Sandra stood in front of me and began accusing me.

Today she was dressed so extravagantly that she could be mistaken for some princess, which was not appropriate for a school event.

The dress she was wearing was a high quality one that anyone could see at a glance, lavishly made from the finest silk fabrics that should be beyond the reach of commoners, designed by a trendy designer and tailored by a royal tailor. And for some reason, on her head, she was wearing a tiara that I was supposed to receive. Moreover someone had carefully selected to match a pair of large ruby and diamond earrings glittered and swung around her ears and a very heavy-looking necklace that was so absurdly prominent around her neck. 

“It’s terrible! Are you mocking Prince Frederick before everyone here?”

“I’m not making fun of anyone. How can you twist my words like that, now? You’re the one addressing His Royal Highness so casually in front of so many people… This is beyond ridiculous.”

No matter how much she is treated as a saint, calling the Crown Prince by name is unthinkable at any cost. When I pointed that out in amazement at how insane it was, this time the prince defended her.

“Shut up, Elaine! I have permitted Sandra to call me by my name, and you have no right to blame her! Is this how you normally speak to Sandra in a nasty, sarcastic way? I’ve had poor Sandra report every bit of harassment from you. She’s so kindhearted that she begged me on your behalf not to blame you, but the harassment has escalated to the point where you’ve finally resorted to sending a thug after her! Let’s let everyone hear what you’ve done here and now. Sandra, I’m with you, so you can expose this woman’s misdeeds right here and now.”

What are these people talking about? What have I done? They keep accusing me of things that I don’t remember at all, and all I can do is listen to their claims in a daze.

Sandra hid behind Fredrick, clinging to his arm and shaking like a puppy as she began to talk about the harassment she said I had done.

“Lady Elaine-sama waited until no one else was around and then told me that I was an eyesore and to quit the academy and to transfer to a school that matched my stature. After that, when I accidentally snagged Lady Elaine’s ink jar and dropped it on the floor, she ordered me to wipe up the spilled ink with my dress, and because I was scared, I did as she said. Since then, she has spilled ink on my skirt many times. Moreover, the day after it rained heavily, she told me to use my meager dress to polish the muddy floor until it was clean. I was forced to crawl on the floor and clean while covered in mud. The worst part was on the day I wore the dress Fredrik gave me to school to replace my dirty clothes, I was attacked by a thug the way home from school. Evan was with me at the time, so I was saved, but it was really scary…”

The way she shivered and complained of the suffering was sympathetic, but everything she said was a lie.

In fact, it was other ladies who said that stuff about her, and I chastised them for it. Moreover, I’m sure it wasn’t said directly to Sandra, but rather while she was visiting His Highness. Someone who was listening nearby must have told her.

It’s certainly not hard to understand the feelings of the ladies who spoke behind her back. In the first place, a commoner like her can’t keep up with the content of the classes that the nobles take, and it’s strange that she was admitted to the school without even taking an exam.

By the way, I don’t want to say it out loud, but if you can’t keep up with the lessons, you should just start again in a grade that is appropriate for your academic ability.

In simple terms, it’s like elementary school students being made to take a high school class all of a sudden. Commoners learn about as much everyday reading, writing, addition and subtraction as a first grader can learn in elementary school, and to learn more than that would require expensive tuition. Children of wealthy merchant families can go to school, but children like Sandra, who have to go to work as children, usually go straight into the world and become adults.

I remember the ink thing too, but the content was something completely different. There must have been a few other people left in the classroom at the time. At this rate, these people wouldn’t believe me if I told them the truth. I hope no one will say anything at this point. There’s nothing good that can come from getting involved in a mess with the royals.

All but my friend, a female student, believed her claims and looked at me with raised eyebrows and disdain.

And the Evan she’s referring to is the second son of the captain of the Findlay Corps, an elite group of Royal Knights. My father and his father have been best friends since their school days.

Before my engagement to His Highness was decided, he was going to be my betrothed, though it was a verbal agreement between my parents. And we were both aware of that, and even though we were young, we were still mildly in love with each other.

He was a promising boy who wanted to become a knight, like his father, and he and I had been very close childhood friends until Sandra entered the school, but before I knew it, he had come to despise me, glaring at me when I spoke to him, and I didn’t know why, and before I knew it, he hated me. I’m very saddened by the fact that we’ve known each other for a long time, and I’m very disappointed that he’s changed so much because of the woman he loves.

“I don’t know who told you, but I wasn’t the one who said you should change schools. Then again, I don’t even remember telling you to wipe the floor with your dress. You know that, Sandra, don’t you? For your honor, I’ll keep quiet about that as I promised, but it’s not good to lie. And I just wanted to say that I swear to God, I never sent a thug after you. You always have Lord Evan following you around as your bodyguard, and he knows whether that’s a lie or the truth, right? Lord Evan, is what she says true? You will be a knight in the future. I trust that you will speak only the truth.”

I gave Evan a serious look and then tried to stand up, knowing that I couldn’t stay sitting on the floor unceremoniously forever.

Apparently, I twisted my leg when I was first shoved away, and I felt a sharp pain in my right ankle.

Sandra squeezed Evan’s sleeve mockingly, giving him a watery, anxious look that tickled his male desire to protect.

Evan stepped in front of me, grabbing me by my hair as I wobbled from the pain in my leg, and I cried out as he then forced me down on the floor.

I twisted my face involuntarily at the intense pain in my right ankle and crumpled to the floor in a heap, unable to bear it.

I was in a odd position, trying to protect my leg. I got one hand on the ground, but I didn’t catch myself in time. The impact of landing on my knees echoed directly to my ankle. The pain was so intense that I would’ve screamed if no one else was around. Instead, I bit down on my back teeth to bear it.

He held my head down, and my hair, which had been neatly coiffed, became disheveled and shaggy. My bangs, which had been swept to the side and held in place, hung limply and fell over my face. It was frustrating, but it kept the people around us from seeing my face contorted in pain.

“It’s true, we were attacked! And twice that! The first one was quite skilful and escaped me. The second one, I caught and questioned him about who sent him. They confessed that they were sent by you. In addition, from their pockets I found your handwritten instructions and payment in advance.”


“You pretend to be well-behaved, but you’ve turned into a despicable woman who hides in the shadows while she sends a henchman after a frail woman! I thought of you as a friend for many years, but I’m deeply disappointed in you!”

My whole body froze at those horrible curses. This was the first time I’d ever felt afraid of Evan.

“I didn’t witness the scene where you would pour ink on her dress, but I’ve seen her dress stained with ink and I’ve witnessed Sandra crawling on the muddy floor several times, wiping it with the hem of her dress as she cried. She wept to His Highness, saying you ordered her to do it. If you’re so frustrated at losing His Highness, you should have spoken directly to His Highness instead of striking out at her!”

It doesn’t look like Evan is lying, but if that’s true, it means that someone thought Sandra was in the way and released an assassin.

Do you seriously think I did such a horrible thing?

“I didn’t do any of that, and I don’t know anything about any of this…? What do you expect me to do…?”

“Be honest. You let those men I captured escape, didn’t you? Sandra says she saw you untie the ropes that bound them, and then run away with the men from the room they were trapped in while I went to call the guards. You can’t get away with that, you know.”

For the first time in a long time, Evan, up close and personal, looked down at me coldly and revealed his anger in public, which is not like him, who doesn’t usually show much emotion on his face in front of others.

No matter how much I tell him differently, my words won’t reach him. I was heartbroken and wanted to cry all the more.

“What are you talking about…? When did that happen? I can prove that I wasn’t involved. If only you could tell me when exactly… “

Hearing this, Prince Frederick took the glass Aaron was holding and threw it at me in anger.  

“You vile cretin!The evidence is right here! Sandra says she saw you running away with the killer!”

Most of the drink in it splattered on the floor as he threw it, but it also landed on Evan’s back who was in front of me, and when the glass hit my shoulder, it didn’t break but tumbled down down, and the little bit of wine that remained made red stains dotting my chest and skirt.

Evan’s expression faltered for a moment, and he looked at me with concern. But when his eyes met mine, which must have showed a frightened expression on my face, he grunted and put pressure on his hand, bringing my forehead closer to the floor so that our eyes didn’t meet. He wouldn’t let me look up.

Evan, didn’t you hear what I said? I never thought you would go to such lengths. 

No matter how much I said I didn’t have a clue, these people were not going to believe me at all. My words would not reach my friends and I felt a sense of despair.

I guess this must be a moment where they say when your vision of the world grows dark.I can’t believe that I thought you were my best friend and yet I have been unknowingly framed for such a terrible crime. You have such a strong sense of justice, and you try to protect the weaker ones.

Am I, at best, the villainous daughter who torments the heroine in your story? Is this how I look to you now? What’s so chivalrous about using force to subdue a woman?

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