Unnoticeable Me 2: My Secret

Translator note: Oh gosh, has it been a whirlwind couple of months for me. I never intended to step away from translating for so long but life in 2020 has a way of demanding a lot. Thank you all for your patience and I hope you enjoy this chapter.

“Lady Elaine, are you all right?” 

The concerned man running up to me is Hubert, a candidate for His Royal Highness’s aide and a friend of mine. He is the eldest son of the royal court’s first mage, and he is the only one in there who is not devoted to Sandra and continues to associate with me in a neutral position. Sandra’s followers say behind my back that he is very worldly-minded, but it’s not true. There were times when he complained to Prince Fredrick, who had begun dating Sandra while still engaged to me, but the prince didn’t listen to him and deepened his relationship with Sandra. His dissatisfaction with Prince Fredrick led him even to ask to be removed as a candidate for the prince’s entourage.

It seems that he, who had held back to watch the situation unfold, could not watch it silently anymore.

He pushed away Evan’s hand, which was holding my head down, then shoved Evan away and stepped in front of me.

“Don’t talk to me right now. Go back over there, Hubert. If you keep going like this, you’ll be in a bad position to be an aide to the Crown Prince.”

 With Evan glaring at him, Hubert still helped me stand. 

Even had shoved me down with a considerable force. The pain in my right ankle made it impossible to put weight on it.

“Thank you, Mr. Hubert. But you should stay away from me. I don’t want to involve you.”

Hubert stepped back at my light push but didn’t move from there. Looking at me with concern, he stood between Evan and me.

The pain made me dizzy.

Still, I resolved myself to get through this stoutly, and with sweat on my forehead, I straightened up and faced Prince Fredric.

“Hmm, you pale now that your bullying has been exposed. It’s just like everyone says. You’re so pale and plain that you really do look like a ghost. I can see right through you.”

Many people in this country have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and chiseled clear-cut faces. There are some dark blondes like Evan and some blondes like Hubert, but nearly half of them have black hair.

In particular, aristocrats have a strong preference for black hair. Since many immigrants flowing into the country through the ages have blonde or light brown hair, nobles tend to look down on pale hair coloring.

The royal family welcomed brides from other countries to raise their power, and although there have been several blonde kings in the past, the aristocrats’ sense of discrimination has not changed.

And Sandra is a beautiful woman with abundantly rippling black hair and big dark brown eyes fringed by thick eyelashes that seem to make a rustling sound.

I have neither the dark blonde of my mother, the princess of the neighboring country, nor my father’s black hair. For some reason, I inherited the platinum blonde of my great-grandmother, with translucent white skin and rare indigo eyes.

In other words, I inherited the appearance of my maternal great-grandmother, not my parents. My great-grandmother was a beautiful princess who married into Alford from a distant, now defunct small country and was said to be a walking jewel. Still, according to this country’s aristocrats, these looks are not to their liking at all.

I’ve never heard it myself, but among the noblemen, I’ve heard they call the pale immigrants the ghosts of the ruined country.

If you ask me if my appearance is plain and unnoticeable, then I’d have to argue that my platinum blonde stands out from the surroundings, but when it comes to the features of my face, I can’t blame them for calling me plain.

My eyebrows and eyelashes are platinum, so to some, it seems that there is nothing at first glance, and maybe it looks creepy when only the big indigo eyes are visible when the rest of the person is so white.

However, this aspect of my appearance is not the only thing His Royal Highness finds plain and unnoticeable.

According to my paternal grandfather’s old-fashioned teachings, women should never stand out or outshine men.

My grandfather disciplined me to stand back, especially after I got engaged. I have always tried to support the prince from the shadows, always trying to enhance him by dressing neatly and in modest attire.

Compared to Sandra, who has a gorgeous outfit and a flashy self-confidence, I can’t compare.

It seems that neither His Royal Highness nor those around him are aware of it, but it was because I supported him from the shadow that the people favored him as the next king.

It’s too late to notice how much support for him has fallen over the past year when he took up with Sandra, disrespecting me as his fiancee.

Perhaps the first prince may be more popular now.

It’s that I’m a reincarnated person and have memories of my previous life.

In my previous life, I was born into an ordinary Japanese family and was a 26-year-old office worker who enjoyed cos-playing as a hobby.

I didn’t like my face, so I studied make-up starting in high school, and my skills improved to the point where I was called a con-artist.

I loved making things, so I made my own costumes and accessories and actively participated in events.

Then, on the way to an event with my hard-earned costume, I was in an accident, and before I knew it, I had become the baby of a duke in another world.

From my point of view, Elaine’s appearance is quite beautiful.

I guess fragile and pretty would be a better way to describe her than beautiful.

She has a small egg-shaped face, large indigo eyes. She has a small nose that is not too high and a lovely mouth with good teeth when she smiles. Her blemish-free white skin is smooth and fresh, and her platinum blonde hair is groomed and shiny.

I’ve always thought when I looked in the mirror that the fantasy cosplay costumes I made in Japan would look great on this body.

In fact, there are wizards in this world, and knights wear uniforms designed like those seen in manga and anime.

The things I usually wear are similar to those of medieval aristocrats. Even if I make and wear costumes for my favorite game characters, I think the outfits would be accepted as normal.

But my strict grandfather disapproves of women dressing up and using make-up. Even though makeup is generally a favorite of adult women, he even forbid my deceased grandmother from wearing makeup except when attending evening parties. 

For that reason, I am also banned from wearing makeup, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d want to wear makeup if they had these features.

Last year, my maternal grandmother gave me a set of the latest makeup products from Alford as a gift to practice with as I prepare to make my debut in the social scene this winter. I was surprised to see that most cosmetics are at a similar level to what I’m used to in Japan.

With this, to give myself a break, I put on make-up and went out on the town as a different person for the past year.

Oh God, the pain in my legs is making me feel faint. I have to do something about the enemy in front of me… I mean, my fiancé and his friends.

2 thoughts on “Unnoticeable Me 2: My Secret

  1. Thank you for translating this! It’s very neat and easy to understand. I hope you can keep continuing it. If you need help or anything do let me know. 🙂


    1. Hey! Thank you for the comment! I’m sorry it took me so long to reply to you. I actually wrote a short blog post to explain but the tl:dr is that I was really sick (not covid) and all my energy had to go to work that actually paid money because bills. I found a new software to help me translate and am aiming to get back to translating by the end of February.


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