Hey! Kora’s not dead!

So yeah… I’m not dead and I haven’t dropped working on translating. Life just have been weird and crazy. I have an auto-inflammatory disease and my energy level tanked hard. And it happened to tank right as I got a couple paid contracts on top of my normal 8-hour-a-day job (as much as I enjoy translating…It actually costs me money vs. making money).

It’s only this month that I’m actually feeling normal again. I’ve been testing out a couple different translation softwares to see if I can find a better way that the super slow way I was translating before. I think I found a good one but it’s a little pricey. On the upside, it would basically organize and track everything for me and if I ever bring in other people to translate it’s set up for easy collaboration.

Thanks for all the patience as I rested, recovered, and paid my bills.:heartpulse:

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