Chapter 6

Translation by Fishyla

“Tia, what do you want for your birthday?”

My father asked me while I was watching the servants serve breakfast bowls.

Last night’s meticulous investigation revealed that I’m still seven years old and about a month away from my eighth birthday.

“A teddy bear! I want a huge teddy bear!”

I picked a present that a seven-year-old child would want and excitedly shouted.

“But you don’t like dolls, do you?”


I’m doomed.

As a child, I didn’t like dolls that looked like humans or animals.

I thought they would come alive at night.

I just said I wanted to have a giant teddy bear.

Sweat ran down my back from how my father looked at me as if I were a little strange.

“come to think of it. I don’t think dolls are that good.”

“Then what can I get you?”

‘Hmm,’ I couldn’t think of anything.

What I want as a gift is a villa in a secluded place or a place where I can earn money for the rest of my life?

But I can’t ask you to buy something like that.

I think I should ask you to buy me a suitable book or one.

At that time, my father clapped his hands as if he had a good idea.

“Yes! How’s the horse, Tia?”


“If you take a one-year-old colt and raise him from now on, he will be a magnificent horse by the time you become an adult.”

I blinked my eyes for a moment without answering.

Horses are expensive.

Depending on how many horses they owned, they were important enough to measure the property owner or group of owners.

The ransom for a horse is the same, but more importantly, the maintenance cost.

Unless they would feed themselves and clean up their excrement, they had to hire someone to replace them, and they needed a nice stable.

There was no question about the large land where horses could run as fast as they wanted.

Ordinary aristocratic families also buy horses for their children, but it was a gift suitable for their 18th birthday as adults.

“When I was your age, I got my first horse as a birthday gift.”

But this is Lombardy.

Such general economic standards were out of practice.

He is usually such a simple and gentleman that I sometimes forget, but his father is also from the Lombardy family.

I stared at my father with such thoughts.

“Huh? Why are you looking at me like that, Tia?”

“It’s nothing. But Dad, if that happens, I feel so sorry for that colt.”

I didn’t really want to learn how to ride, so I came up with an excuse to refuse.

“Poor thing?”

“You’re only a year old, and you have to be away from your mother. Then you’ll be so sad.”


Oh, no.

The moment I spoke, I realized that I had made a mistake.

My father’s eyes grew watery as he gazed at me.

“You don’t like to be away from your mom…….”

I forgot for a moment.

The fact that my mother died as soon as she gave birth to me.

It was clear that my father misunderstood that I thought I was the same as the colt.

“Oh, Dad, I mean……I” tried to settle it late, but it was late.

My father, who looked at me with tears in his eyes, hugged me and said.

“This dad was short-sighted. Let’s bring the mother with us.”

“I’m fine…… what?”

What did you just hear?

“As you say, it’s too cruel to separate a one-year-old colt from my mother. So if you buy a mother’s horse together, wouldn’t you be able to live happily together?”

That’s true.

Horses are expensive, but a mare that can give birth is more costly.

But the father, the son of the Lombardy family, can’t have that in mind.

I nodded my head half-asleep.

“How can Tia be so kind-hearted?”

My father patted my hair as if it were lovely in the world and hugged me once again.

Yeah, we can learn how to ride.

My father said to me, who was humming like a happy cat.

“Shall we read a book in the drawing-room instead of going to the library today?”

Unlike other cousins who spend most of their days with their nanny, I had no nanny.

The maids took care of my washing or changing clothes, and my father took care of the rest of my needs.

In other words, I am glued to my father from the moment I wake up until I fall asleep.

My father and I were close as we were the only two in our small family, but such a simple routine was possible because my father was unemployed.

“I should write a book today.”

Father was interested and learned in many places, from art to economy, but he did not use them in practice.

Is it just a type of knowledge that ends in knowledge?

Sometimes, when he was interested in a topic, he’d organize what he knows and write it into a book like that.

Of course, there is no profit from it.

The finished book is just stuck in my father’s bookshelf.

Nevertheless, my father has the power to buy a mother horse and a baby horse for his seven-year-old daughter’s birthday.

Lombardy is the best.

Before I knew it, I saw my father drawing something and focusing on his work, and I opened my book a little away and sat down.

Of course, reading was just a simulation, and the purpose was to do something else.

‘Let’s organize our thoughts.’

It was to point out what to do in the future step by step by step by step.

It would be best to write it down and organize it, but there was a risk that someone would read it.

It’s challenging to be with my father all day.

I turned over the bookshelf pretending to read a book, and picked the first thing I should do.

“I have to win my grandfather’s heart.’

Before he died, He lamented that If he had only known about my abilities a few years earlier …… but I am sure that the future of the family would not have changed.

Even if I knew a few years earlier, it was too late.

With the succession structure already hardened to the eldest son, Vieze, and his son Bellezac, what could have changed if an illegitimate granddaughter of the well-known lazy third son stood out.

There were three mountains that I had to climb to compete with them.

I was the daughter of the soft-hearted third son with no power.

So from now on, I have to appeal to my grandfather my talent as a leader.

I had to solidify my position and win my grandfather’s unconditional support.

‘But you don’t have to rely on your inner strength just because it’s your family’s job.’

It should be done by all means.

So what I came up with was the second prince.

The second prince was a man who will solidify my position outside the family.

It is the second prince who can give me strength even after becoming a leader.

Of course, I will also help him a lot until he becomes the Crown Prince.

Then the future emperor will not reject Lombardy, who has built trust since he was a child and has greatly helped him become the Crown Prince.

We can be good friends.

‘Oh, come to think of it, around this time of year.’

I looked out the window where it started to rain.

The second prince, Perez’s mother, dies on a rainy day this year.

Despite giving birth to the emperor’s son, I learned she died without proper treatment due to pressure from the empress.

Perez, who became the Crown Prince, returned the favor to the Empress while she was on her sickbed.

He issued an order preventing any doctor from entering the imperial palace.

Astana, the first prince, was already driven out to the periphery of the palace politics, so there was no one to stop Perez.

How much did Perez have to endure when he was the powerless prince in the background until he became the crown prince?

He couldn’t help but grow spiteful towards those who did him wrong.

Perhaps Perez, who lost her mother by now, is spending his days alone.

I want to go and comfort myself, but I can’t go out.

It was a discipline made by my grandfather.

Lombardy’s children are not allowed to leave their homes until their 11th birthday.

However, limited access was possible with the permission of the patriarch to prevent crimes targeting the descendants of young Lombardy.

‘So just hang in there.’

I didn’t mean to leave my hands intact until I turned 11.

But now, it was time to concentrate on the internal work of the family.

Making a chance to go to the palace is the next thing.

After organizing my thoughts, I tried to go back to my memory by turning over a book again.

What happened to Lombardy around this time?’

If you take charge of the family’s affairs for several years, you will learn its history even if you don’t like it.

In my case, I studied harder because I wanted to.

It was when I turned eight.

I’m sure something significant happened to the Lombardy estate.

It was then.

I heard a strangely familiar voice with a low knock on my ear, wrapped in my head.

“Mr. Gallahan, are you there?”

Where did I hear this voice?

“Who is it?”

With his head tilted, his father opened the drawing-room door.

And I was shocked by the face I saw over the open door.

After my grandfather passed away from the top of Lombardy, he left the family alone and created the Pellet Company, which developed into the top five of the Lambrew Empire in just two years!

Clerivan Pellet stepped into our drawing-room.

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