MOB 12: Zeke’s Thoughts

” … “ ” … “  Facing each other in the carriage, I – Zeke Smola – break out in a cold sweat. The reason?My ‘mother’ sitting across from me … I’m receiving the scolding eyes of a woman who looks as cute as my sister. “That … Mother Ekaterina?” ” … Zeke. Don’t beContinue reading “MOB 12: Zeke’s Thoughts”

Unnoticeable Me 1: The school’s party is a place of condemnation

Translator Note: I’m picking up this series as the previous translator hasn’t updated in several months, and I like the story and want to see where it goes. My goal is to transcribe a chapter a week. That said, I’m working solo. The text of this story is pretty dense and takes me longer toContinue reading “Unnoticeable Me 1: The school’s party is a place of condemnation”

Unnoticeable Me: Prologue

I have a person I want to meet very much.  But I don’t know who it is. Sometimes, in a moment, I miss them so much that my heart squeezes in my chest. I want that person so badly that I want to cry, but I can’t remember what they sounded like, what they lookedContinue reading “Unnoticeable Me: Prologue”


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