MOB Lady educates the idiot capture targets

Instead of reincarnating as a villainess… I’m a minor character daughter of a duke, but I’ll educate the idiot capture targets!

Author:Ginai Katsuma

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“Exciting battles! The Great War in the School of Love” commonly known as “Exciting! School of Love”.

It was a maiden game… and a “legendary shitty game”. It is well-known its failure as an otome game because all the capture targets are fools. The game made, me (Rika Todo) feel cheated, but after I played it, I realized that I had been reincarnated in the world.

But instead of becoming the villain, I was a mob character, the Duchess, Alice Salbert!

I don’t know what to do because I have too little information on Alice. However, I eventually come to realize… If the capture targets are bumbling fools like the characters in the game, this country will surely fall apart. ( gasps ) And if that happens, I, as the duchess, will be in danger too. 

Time for some education! I’m going to educate these assholes and make sure this country survives!

This story is about a woman who gets reincarnated in the world of a shitty game as a duchess of this country. While educating the elite, she eventually being called the Treasured Mother of the Kingdom… but she still has targets to capture. It’s a story of one conquest after another………maybe.

Table of contents

Titles of chapters may change after I translate/localize that chapter and get a better understanding of the author’s intent. Remember, this isn’t my story. I’m only translating it so English speakers can enjoy it too. Titles with strikethroughs have not been translated yet but I posted them as a promise to myself (and to you all) that I will keep on translating. No dead novels from me.

Prologue: If I’m going to reincarnate, couldn’t I be the heroine, or at least the villainous daughter?

Episode 1: This isn’t brutality. This is education or death!

Episode 2: Chastising the Idiot Prince!

Episode 3: The Maid loves her young lady

Episode 4: An Audience with His Majesty the King

Episode 5: I’ll turn this idiot prince into a real prince charming!

Episode 6: Leave it to me, Father!

Episode 7: Very well done!

Episode 8: The name of this new emotion is……..

Episode 9: Queen Katerina, attack!

Episode 10: The distance between you and I

Episode 11: Don’t Your Highness….

Episode 12: Zeke’s Thoughts

Episode 13: A disaster is over, and another begins.

Episode 14: What are you doing here, Your Highness?

Episode Fifteen: I have MAX likability, so this is the part about “Exciting! School of Love” that sucks!

Episode 16: Love is so hard.

Episode 17: This isn’t “Exciting! School of Love”! 

Episode 18: Hope and Despair. Oh, there was no hope.

Episode 19: The Salbert family’s parsonage is in serious trouble.

Episode 20: I’m sure she’s … no, that’s rude, dude!

Episode 21: The Work of the Imperial Guard

Episode 22: You’re still an egg. Because you’re a chick.

Episode 23: No Child understands a Parent’s Heart.

Episode 24: Tell me, Miss Alice!

Episode 25: “Exciting! School of Love” is a game for all ages!

Episode 26: I dedicate this sword to you forever.

Episode 27: A Tea Party for Two

Episode 28: The baby is brought to you by the stork!

Episode 29: The teacher’s reaction, “Yes, a new student is coming tomorrow!”

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