Cinderella’s Step-sister: Part 5

Author: Yuzu LemonRaw: Translator Note: Here’s the final part as promised. I hope my translation was good enough to allow this story to shine for you all to enjoy. Kora A ball will be held at the castle tonight. The ball…makes me remember that fateful night when Prince Francis and Ella met. That day, I wasContinue reading “Cinderella’s Step-sister: Part 5”

Cinderella’s Step-sister: Part 4

Author: Yuzu LemonRaw: Translator Note: Well…I got sniped. I guess that just means I picked a good story? I never really got why people would get so upset about snipes. I get it now. I’ve been working hard on translating this story and being sniped kinda feels like I’ve been told I’m doing such a poorContinue reading “Cinderella’s Step-sister: Part 4”

Cinderella’s Step-sister: Part 3

Author: Yuzu LemonRaw: Translator Note: Though the author created this as a single “chapter” story, I’m uploading it in parts as it’s about 23 pages long in English. (Also I don’t want to finish translating and find out someone else has started to post it.) After all the translations are complete I’ll post the complete story onContinue reading “Cinderella’s Step-sister: Part 3”