Unnoticeable Me 2: My Secret

Translator note: Oh gosh, has it been a whirlwind couple of months for me. I never intended to step away from translating for so long but life in 2020 has a way of demanding a lot. Thank you all for your patience and I hope you enjoy this chapter. “Lady Elaine, are you all right?” Continue reading “Unnoticeable Me 2: My Secret”

Cinderella’s Step-sister: Part 3

Author: Yuzu LemonRaw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n0540gn/ Translator Note: Though the author created this as a single “chapter” story, I’m uploading it in parts as it’s about 23 pages long in English. (Also I don’t want to finish translating and find out someone else has started to post it.) After all the translations are complete I’ll post the complete story onContinue reading “Cinderella’s Step-sister: Part 3”

MOB 12: Zeke’s Thoughts

” … “ ” … “  Facing each other in the carriage, I – Zeke Smola – break out in a cold sweat. The reason?My ‘mother’ sitting across from me … I’m receiving the scolding eyes of a woman who looks as cute as my sister. “That … Mother Ekaterina?” ” … Zeke. Don’t beContinue reading “MOB 12: Zeke’s Thoughts”

MOB 10: The Distance Between You and I

Editor note: As of 2020/09/15, the author of this story has posted 95 chapters… I’m… a little behind… “Well… I mean…” …um, yeah. I don’t understand. I don’t know what you mean, Queen Ekaterina. “… What do you mean by that? His Highness is the vessel of a king, so he doesn’t need to study…”Continue reading “MOB 10: The Distance Between You and I”

MOB 8: The name of this new emotion is…

My teasing continued until Prince Zeke completely lost his temper, but I stopped because I knew he’d sulk if I kept going. A bit of a letdown, but teasing him too much would make the situation worse. “…But… now we have a problem, don’t we?” “What?” “Well, today… I mean, I thought we’d study historyContinue reading “MOB 8: The name of this new emotion is…”

MOB 6: Leave it to me, Father!

“…Aristocracy is a complex society. Many things surprise me… I had no idea that I would ever be this surprised…” “…I’m sorry, Lord Salbert. I apologize for visting you on such short notice. “No… My daughter’s gone crazy, no matter how you look at it… I understand that…” My father, Lynd Salbert, who said thatContinue reading “MOB 6: Leave it to me, Father!”

MOB 4: An Audience with His Majesty the King

“Lift your head, Alice Salbet.” “… Yes, sir.” I slowly raise my head at the sound of a solemn voice above me. On the throne in front of me is His Majesty King Orion Smola, thirty-two years old and the head of the Smola Kingdom. He’s a perfect replica of Zeke. Or is it thatContinue reading “MOB 4: An Audience with His Majesty the King”

MOB 3: The maid loves her young lady

The next day. My maid, Mary, wakes me up early in the morning. I rub my sleepy eyes and sit down in front of the mirror to do my hair. This blonde drill curl is quite challenging to achieve. “…This hairstyle is a pain in the ass. I think I’ll straighten it.” “Please don’t, myContinue reading “MOB 3: The maid loves her young lady”

The Duke’s Daughter Was Puzzled

Author: gray Link to the RAW. https://ncode.syosetu.com/n5220gg/ Translator note: The title of the story translated as “The Duchess was puzzled” and they MC is referred to as “the duchess” but she’s only the daughter of a Duke and wouldn’t have the title of duchess so for clarity on that I make the correction in theContinue reading “The Duke’s Daughter Was Puzzled”

MOB 2: Chastising the Idiot Prince!

“w… wh… what… you… you! What do you think you’re doing! You’re not allowed to raise your hand to the first prince, dammit!” “Huh? I didn’t raise my hand. I merely put my foot out.” “He-hey, you’re ridiculous! This is disrespectful!” “Where’s the disrespect, you moron? What kind of delusional thinking has you saying youContinue reading “MOB 2: Chastising the Idiot Prince!”