MOB 13: A disaster is over, and another begins.

Zeke’s kidnapping? Well, there is no doubt that I sort of abducted him — and three days after he returned to the Royal Palace following the invasion by Queen Ekaterina.  “… What did you do, Alice?” Father, who had been at the royal palace, came back for the first time in three days and saidContinue reading “MOB 13: A disaster is over, and another begins.”

MOB 9: Queen Ekaterina, attack!

” … “ ” … “ ” … “ I stare at the queen in front of me. Queen Ekaterina’s cold gaze pierces Prince Zeke and me. She is a twenty-five-year-old, beautiful woman with long beautiful blonde hair, big eyes, and a high nose. She looks like a doll. She is said to be theContinue reading “MOB 9: Queen Ekaterina, attack!”

MOB 7: Very well done!

“Well then, your highness! Let the learning begin!” It’s ten o’clock the following morning. In the world of “Exciting! School of Love” printing technology has not been developed, so books are expensive, but clocks are common. And, just like in modern Japan, a day is 24 hours long. “…Yes, please.” I expected His Highness toContinue reading “MOB 7: Very well done!”

MOB 6: Leave it to me, Father!

“…Aristocracy is a complex society. Many things surprise me… I had no idea that I would ever be this surprised…” “…I’m sorry, Lord Salbert. I apologize for visting you on such short notice. “No… My daughter’s gone crazy, no matter how you look at it… I understand that…” My father, Lynd Salbert, who said thatContinue reading “MOB 6: Leave it to me, Father!”

MOB 5: I’ll turn this idiot prince into a real prince charming!

AUTHOR NOTE: Finally, our first guy is caught like in the title. ”Well, I have a pretty good idea what happened. Zeke. “Yes!”  Zeke responds with authority when His Majesty calls his name. ”Well, there’s a lot to say, but it’s basically your fault.” “What! Why? This girl–!” “How can you be so rude toContinue reading “MOB 5: I’ll turn this idiot prince into a real prince charming!”

MOB 4: An Audience with His Majesty the King

“Lift your head, Alice Salbet.” “… Yes, sir.” I slowly raise my head at the sound of a solemn voice above me. On the throne in front of me is His Majesty King Orion Smola, thirty-two years old and the head of the Smola Kingdom. He’s a perfect replica of Zeke. Or is it thatContinue reading “MOB 4: An Audience with His Majesty the King”

MOB 3: The maid loves her young lady

The next day. My maid, Mary, wakes me up early in the morning. I rub my sleepy eyes and sit down in front of the mirror to do my hair. This blonde drill curl is quite challenging to achieve. “…This hairstyle is a pain in the ass. I think I’ll straighten it.” “Please don’t, myContinue reading “MOB 3: The maid loves her young lady”

The Duke’s Daughter Was Puzzled

Author: gray Link to the RAW. Translator note: The title of the story translated as “The Duchess was puzzled” and they MC is referred to as “the duchess” but she’s only the daughter of a Duke and wouldn’t have the title of duchess so for clarity on that I make the correction in theContinue reading “The Duke’s Daughter Was Puzzled”

MOB 2: Chastising the Idiot Prince!

“w… wh… what… you… you! What do you think you’re doing! You’re not allowed to raise your hand to the first prince, dammit!” “Huh? I didn’t raise my hand. I merely put my foot out.” “He-hey, you’re ridiculous! This is disrespectful!” “Where’s the disrespect, you moron? What kind of delusional thinking has you saying youContinue reading “MOB 2: Chastising the Idiot Prince!”

MOB 1: This isn’t brutality. This is education or death!

Well … “Are you sure you’re okay? What’s a mob character…” Lily asks  While Lily mutters, “What should I do?” I head back to my room, throw myself on my bed, and stare at the ceiling. A ceiling that is familiar to me in a strange way, I think, as I stare at it. …AliceContinue reading “MOB 1: This isn’t brutality. This is education or death!”