Unnoticeable Me 2: My Secret

Translator note: Oh gosh, has it been a whirlwind couple of months for me. I never intended to step away from translating for so long but life in 2020 has a way of demanding a lot. Thank you all for your patience and I hope you enjoy this chapter. “Lady Elaine, are you all right?” Continue reading “Unnoticeable Me 2: My Secret”

MOB 12: Zeke’s Thoughts

” … “ ” … “  Facing each other in the carriage, I – Zeke Smola – break out in a cold sweat. The reason?My ‘mother’ sitting across from me … I’m receiving the scolding eyes of a woman who looks as cute as my sister. “That … Mother Ekaterina?” ” … Zeke. Don’t beContinue reading “MOB 12: Zeke’s Thoughts”

MOB 11: Don’t Your Highness….

Translator Note: I corrected the line at the end of the last chapter to show that Alice left the room and the this line at the start of this chapter to show Alice returned after she was called. “… Thanks for your help, Lady Alice.” Queen Ekaterina called for me to return to the roomContinue reading “MOB 11: Don’t Your Highness….”

Unnoticeable Me 1: The school’s party is a place of condemnation

Translator Note: I’m picking up this series as the previous translator hasn’t updated in several months, and I like the story and want to see where it goes. My goal is to transcribe a chapter a week. That said, I’m working solo. The text of this story is pretty dense and takes me longer toContinue reading “Unnoticeable Me 1: The school’s party is a place of condemnation”

Unnoticeable Me: Prologue

I have a person I want to meet very much.  But I don’t know who it is. Sometimes, in a moment, I miss them so much that my heart squeezes in my chest. I want that person so badly that I want to cry, but I can’t remember what they sounded like, what they lookedContinue reading “Unnoticeable Me: Prologue”

MOB 10: The Distance Between You and I

Editor note: As of 2020/09/15, the author of this story has posted 95 chapters… I’m… a little behind… “Well… I mean…” …um, yeah. I don’t understand. I don’t know what you mean, Queen Ekaterina. “… What do you mean by that? His Highness is the vessel of a king, so he doesn’t need to study…”Continue reading “MOB 10: The Distance Between You and I”

MOB 2: Chastising the Idiot Prince!

“w… wh… what… you… you! What do you think you’re doing! You’re not allowed to raise your hand to the first prince, dammit!” “Huh? I didn’t raise my hand. I merely put my foot out.” “He-hey, you’re ridiculous! This is disrespectful!” “Where’s the disrespect, you moron? What kind of delusional thinking has you saying youContinue reading “MOB 2: Chastising the Idiot Prince!”

MOB 1: This isn’t brutality. This is education or death!

Well … “Are you sure you’re okay? What’s a mob character…” Lily asks  While Lily mutters, “What should I do?” I head back to my room, throw myself on my bed, and stare at the ceiling. A ceiling that is familiar to me in a strange way, I think, as I stare at it. …AliceContinue reading “MOB 1: This isn’t brutality. This is education or death!”

MOB Prologue: If I’m going to reincarnate, couldn’t I be the heroine, or at least the villainous daughter?

TN: Now that I’ve translated more chapters, I’m getting a better feel for the tone of the author’s writing, so I’m going back and correcting some word choices. (I’m machine-translating. I’m doing my best. But even when I cross-reference, I sometimes get it wrong.) I’m also fixing up any grammar error I can find. During theContinue reading “MOB Prologue: If I’m going to reincarnate, couldn’t I be the heroine, or at least the villainous daughter?”