The Plain and Unnoticeable Me is No More

Author: Tangerine Omori

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Elaine Lana Norris is the daughter of the Duke who is the Defense Minister of the Kingdom of Wylingham, and her mother is a princess from the neighboring Kingdom of Alford; thus placing her at the top of. the aristocracy. But despite being born to these parents, during a ball at her school, she is suddenly thrown to the ground by her childhood friend and her fiancé declares the end of their engagement.

Suddenly abandoned by her fiancé for another, her engagement broken, made out to be a villainess by her ex-fiancé’s lover… and then driven out of her home by the strict grandfather who raised her. However, with this exiled life, Lana’s true skills and desires can finally bloom as the owner of an inn!

Table of contents

Titles of chapters may change after I translate/localize that chapter and get a better understanding of the author’s intent. Remember, this isn’t my story. I’m only translating it so English speakers can enjoy it too. Titles with strikethroughs have not been translated yet but I posted them as a promise to myself (and to you all) that I will keep on translating. No dead novels from me.

Character introduction

Characters * Be careful of spoilers


Episode 0

Chapter 1: Duke’s daughter whose engagement was abandoned

1・The school party is a place of condemnation

2・My secret

3What are you doing?

4Although I left the venue

5Valuable experience

6Family reaction

7I’m a victim, but let’s accept the disposition

Chapter 2: Fairy Inn Kitei

8The landlady of the inn

9The blood of cosplayers makes a noise

10Shin’s younger brother Taki

10.1 What a 14-year-old boy carried on his back

10.2 Premonition that life will improve

10.3 Get well

11What came out in a dream

12I haven’t seen anything

13It’s a placebo effect, right?

14Further evolution of young boys

15The cause of his illness

16Regret of immature people

17What is the color of Chiyo’s heart?

18Letter from Luke brother

19My image

20Recovery effect of rice balls

21Purchasing is my job.

22Don’t come anymore.

23Miscalculation of the prince

24Aaron’s tweet

25The new menu is norimaki

26Liam and his companion

27From the encounter in the maze

28Japanese home cooking is multinational

29Similar to others

30Flower language “pure” “luck” “cute you”

31In exchange for a luxurious residence

32Who is that child who came out in a dream?

33Please stop the chin quill

34Immediate touch

35Chiyo’s broken heart

36Happiness to cook for someone

37Taki’s secret

38Chiyo is preaching.

39Where is she

40The story after that party

41The urge to hit

42A place where you can feel at ease

Chapter 3: Descendants of the Goddess

43Something that only I can see

44Fairy? Mischief

45I can’t settle down alone in a closed room.

46​​It’s different from what I was listening to.

47Talk to the fairy

48I want you to go out with me.

49Shy Shin and dull Lana

50To the area where the aristocrats live

51Shin is worried

52Swayed by the Tsuji carriage

53A maze-like town

54Maybe it’s safe

55Maybe you have no sense of direction?

56I want to know about you

57Unexpected side of Lana

58Zului question

59Report to Fredrick

60Then I will sing without hesitation.

61Tell me a lot, Mr. Levient

62My head is on the verge of a flat tire

63Subordinate contract with Weiss

64That dream should be a fun dream

65Shin’s wake-up stunning

65.1 Funny dreams

66I want you to stay the same

67Priestess, Irina

68Memories of encounters, memories of farewells

69I didn’t mean to look into it

70Helping people who have both hobbies and profits

71I’m having trouble with my eyes.

72Face-to-face with Irina, a sick shrine maiden

73Purify the darkness

74 No reward required

75This is not where you come

76Did your love affair change?

77Being suspicious

78Reluctantly, I decided to ask him for help.

79Quiet anger behind a smile

80New ally

81Rough Saint

82This may be fate

83Tsuke who has been running for half a year

84Did I die from overwork?


86Afterglow of sweet air

87Tell me a story

88 Don’t get excited anymore

89Nightmares that I haven’t seen, the past that I started to see

90Liam’s unreasonable request

91Now, go to the evening party


93It was the one who reached out to help

94Ugly rumors of daughters

95A man who is not disciplined

96What helped me

97Forgotten memory

98 The lid of the detached heart

99Shin and Wilfred

100 The person to be leaned on

101 Changes in relationships

102Grandpa, I love you

103I completely forgot

104 Behavior that divides light and dark

105 What I should do

106People who should not like

107 Whip, whip, candy

108 Thoughts on Lana

109When each moves forward

110You can’t expose your real face.

111 Luggage arrived, news arrived

112rainbow-colored butterfly

113 How to prevent strange diseases

114Whereabouts of that wooden box

115 Confused

116 Mirror tidy up

117 Rain-making ritual

118 What was my hardship?

119 Thank you

Chapter 4: Saints vs. Angels

120Toward the infiltration of the temple

121This is exactly what a ship is for migration

122 Letter from the shrine maiden who accompanied

123 Irritation that doesn’t go as expected

124I want it~Part 1

125I want it~Part 2

126 Run in the sky at sunrise

127 Golden earth

128 Seed of hope

129Angel rumors

130. King Graham vs. Sandra~Part 1

131. King Graham vs. Sandra~Part 2

132King Graham vs. Sandra~Part 3

133Irina’s maid

133.1 Changes that occurred in Shin that day

133.2 Because I am-a distant memory-

134 To the temple

135A devastated room

136 The Great Temple to See for the First Time

137 Where is the saint

138 The true identity of the ball of light

139Mirror, mirror

140Memory of Sandra

141 The fork of fate

142There was a blind spot

143 It should be like this …

144 To a place where no one comes

145 Secret

146 New collaborator

147The last selfishness

148 Angel summoning ritual

149The saint covered in black

150 And it was purified

151 I’ll leave the rest to you.

152A girl who lost a bet with God

153 I’m home!

Publication commemorative SS The story of that day when I met Lana 

Thank you for purchasing SS If you can see a smile (Shin)

Chapter 5 Love and Friendship

154 Rumors of the disappeared Duke’s daughter

155 Prize money for me! ??

156 Dining room just before closing

157 You can’t leave it alone

158 Will’s request

159 Pendant I forgot to put on

160 If this is my fault, the first half

161 If this is my fault, the second half

162 Lady Elaine, plain and unnoticeable, will be resurrected for a limited time

163 Near Miss

164 Unpleasant premonition

165 Why is your Highness me?

166 Question attack


168 Grandpa’s secret

169 What are you here?

170 To Carvani House

171 What you should have is a friend~Part 1

172 What you should have is a friend~Part 2

173Maria, don’t say that

174 Maria’s feelings

175 Maiden’s dream story

176 Rescue operation started!

177 I came to help!

178 The identity of the platoon

179 Rescue everyone!

180 There is no pendant!

181 Early morning visitors

182 Can’t be fooled anymore

183 I’m sorry, I know everything

184 Grandpa’s surprise

185 I am honored to meet you again

186 Artemi’s Third Princess Sheria

187 These people again!

188Bounty hunters

189 Fate to be drawn

190 The way back to the inn

191 Artemi inspection trip

192 Proof of living as a gin

193 Flash194 Reunion

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