Transmigrate Into A New World

Please pick from this menu of carefully chosen reincarnation and transmigration web novels, freshly translated from Japanese. I do not own these stories

On-Going Stories

MOB Lady educates the idiot capture targets
Instead of reincarnating as a villainess… I’m a minor character daughter of a duke, but I’ll educate the idiot capture targets!

The Plain & Unnoticeable Me is No More
Driven out of her home by her strict grandfather after her fiancé broke off their engagement & his new lover painted her as a villainess, Lana’s true skills and desires can finally bloom as the owner of an inn!


I’m Cinderella’s sister, but I’m reluctantly going to marry the Prince.
This is the story of Cinderella’s step-sister, who has neither glass slippers nor a pumpkin carriage, who reluctantly ends up marrying the prince, and how she finds her own happiness.


The Duke’s Daughter Was Confused
The daughter of a duke receives some unexpected visitors with confusing requests.


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